Call to Stewardship!

Your financial contribution to our parish community is deeply appreciated. Our faith tells us God’s blessing is great when we share the gifts given to us.  Your donation brings God’s love to others in profound and important ways.  Thank you!

There are two ways to make your donation. The preferred method is enrollment in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and the second is the traditional offering envelope.

To receive and contribute using envelopes, please click here.

Please proceed below to continue with the EFT.

To begin enter a contribution amount below and then select the apply/add donation tab.  You may also edit the contribution amount you entered on the next page if you choose.  

When setting up your donation, please be aware that you will not be able to set up different pay frequencies (i.e. monthly, weekly, annually, etc.)

To see where your money goes when you give to one of IHM's "Outreach"Categories click here.

Please Note:

*Donation updates will overwrite prior authorizations.

**To avoid multiple household contributions, changes must be made under the name of the original contributor.  If you are unsure of who the original contributor is please contact the parish office at 317-257-2266.


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